Ten Quotes

There are more truths in a good book than its author meant to put in it. Marie von Ebner-Eschenback

If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered.Stephen King

Appealing workplaces are to be avoided. One wants a room with no view, so imagination can meet memory in the dark. Annie Dillard

You must find your own quiet center of life, and write from that to the world. Sarah Orne Jewett

You have to love writing, but more importantly, you have to love learning to write better. Jim Averback

Good writing is bad writing that was rewritten. Marc Raibert

Writing is not, alas, like riding a bicycle: it does not get easier with practice. Nancy Mairs

With good writing, I think, the most profound response is finally a sigh, or a gasp, or holy silence. Tim O’Brien

Write a first draft as though you were thinking aloud, not carving a monument. Patricia T. O’Connor

A sentence is not emotional. A paragraph is. Gertrude Stein


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