I want you to think about sitting in a locked trailer with fifty other people. It’s 45 C outside which is causing the backed-up toilet’s stench and the pungent aroma of sweaty humans to mix together and marinate everything inside the trailer like a sick pressure-cooker. People are giving birth left and right, but with hardly any food besides the rotting, dead bodies of your roommates that couldn’t last, most of the newborns die. Most of these people are related to you by blood, and you’re sure that the person making suggestive eyes at you is your inbred cousin.

Now on top of all that, add “not able to breathe or see properly because of widespread bacteria all around you, filling the thick, murky air” to the list. Your last instructions are to replace the human element with cat elements. Yes, this does happen, and yes, it could be that weird cat-lady down the block with a coat which seems to be made out of house-pet fur. Many people in the US and Canada are hoarders, but some of them go to new lows as to hoard cats or other animals, and for some reason a common pattern is to lock them all in a confined area of a house in the desert. Usually, cat hoarding starts by the owner having two or more cats who end up breeding, but the owner refuses to give away the kittens or spay or neuter the parents.

It seems to be less punishable to hoard cats than when someone hoards people, like a human trafficker. Don’t get me wrong, human trafficking is a sick, disgusting profession and I approve of tying a cinder-block to the feet of those found guilty and throwing them over the dock and into the ocean, but animal hoarding is sick and disgusting, too. People seem to focus less on the fact that animals can feel as much physical pain as humans do, possibly because they don’t care, or that they simply don’t know. We can change this without trapping people in locked, messy trailers to make a point, but instead by showing the animals that have been hurt by a hoarder’s actions to the public.


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