World-Building for “The City of Light”

“The City of Light”

Setting: “Ciudad de Luz” or “Luz”, a grimy, crime-ridden city with a population of about five million.


Erika Frost: A detective-turned-vigilante who kills off hard criminals the police are looking for. She uses drugs to quell her depression, despite the negative effects it could have on her daughter, Hope, and her best friend Mathew. She hates Ciudad de Luz and wants to leave with Hope, but the addiction of killing criminals keeps her cemented. Her main character traits are: Headstrong, stubborn, independent, and impulsive.

Mathew Steele: A detective who is Erika’s best friend. He knows about her night-time activities and her addiction, but rather than telling the police, he gives her much-needed emotional support and often takes care of Hope. His main character traits are: Cautious, selfless, strong, and serious.

Alistair Summers: A well-off author who happens to be Hope’s biological father. He was intimate with Erika a few times, but ever since the start of her descent into depression (and soon after, her drug-use), he left her for his own safety. However, in finding out that Erika had his child, he had been trying to gain custody ever since, to protect Hope from the ticking time-bomb that is her mother. His main character traits are: Persistent.

Hope Frost: The young, but bright daughter of Erika and Alistair. She always seems to make Erika happier when she’s around, despite her addiction and condition. She sees Mathew as a father-figure, as she has never really known Alistair. Her main character traits are: Innocent and young.


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