World-Building for “The City of Light”: Behind the Addiction (Not Complete)

I needed to get this off my chest. In addition for clearing up the foggy realm that is Erika, this will help a great deal when I intend to reflect back to before Erika was a one-way street to self-destruction.

Erika met Alistair at a seminar about the effects of drugs and how to prevent addiction six years ago. As a student of a law university, Erika was there strictly for studying purposes. Alistair on the other hand was there to receive insight on addictions for the book he was writing. They sat beside each other, and after a few dates after learning how intriguing each other was, they started to live together.

A few happy months passed before something changed inside Erika, physically and mentally. Alistair didn’t know it at the time, but Erika was pregnant. Unfortunately, Erika had also developed major depression, thus beginning her spiral downwards.


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