Writing Scenes






  1. Jump into the action right away. Don’t drag your feet.
  2. Hook readers with large surprises.
  3. Make the action relevant to your character’s personality.
  4. Act first, think later.
  5. Communicate information to the reader before the action.
  6. Reveal a character’s intentions that can’t be shown through action.


  1. Does the beginning have to include a lot of action, or can it lead to it?
  2. Can action be gradual?
  3. How can you reveal information about the character if the narrator isn’t omniscient?

One response to “Writing Scenes

  1. Paige, I just found a contest you could enter and win. The deadline is January 31 and the site is here: http://www.roommagazine.com/ The contest is called 37:3 Geek Girls. I also made another blog with updated contests for 2014 and links to writing articles. It’s here: http://purplechairhelp.wordpress.com/ (I like the new Edna picture. It’s like she’s trying to run away and got caught. Or maybe she has to do her marking and she’s running from that. Heave a sigh for Edna. Even when you’re happily puttering, reality shows up.)

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